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June new release:Bliss & Fortune Tape
June 6th-8th Tokyo interior lifestyle (05-124)
Apr.27th-30th HK gifts & premium fair (1E-A02)
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Lee Wei Lang 1974
People know the writer from his words, so if you want to understand a designer, you should through the works. From Tofu cup, each product condenses some parts of my life and thinking. If you make all the works of mine together, you will see the truth me.
Yi Wei Shen 1976
As a product designer, I try to keep the emotion by the creation of products. Without impressive appearance, the product still resonates with its emotion, stories, and humor. Not to follow trend blindly, and keep the products live as long as it can be.
Lin Ting Chien 1978
After working on both graphic design and product design, I found that they both try to make things more beautiful, make the concept more logical, and make the design more interesting. Past experiences can be my future ideas.
Cuiu Ken Kie 1980
Do not like to descript "DESIGN" in words. As a designer for these years, I found that design doesn't need too much explanation, but only the result. My ideas come from normal days in life, because it has real connections, emotions between I and my design. I live, and I keep doing design.
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