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June new release:Bliss & Fortune Tape
June 6th-8th Tokyo interior lifestyle (05-124)
Apr.27th-30th HK gifts & premium fair (1E-A02)
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2012-06-12 upgraded.


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"CiCHi Life" was found in 2009 by Taiwan design group "Afterain Design". The brand philosophy presents Eastern culture in modern design language, and mixes tradition with contemporary age perfectly. "CiCHi" Life wants to make people feeling more elegant, more humorous, or unique taste in a vogue living.
"CiCHi" in Chinese means lucky and happy ambience, so the products of CiCHi symbol the good luck and blessing coming into your home. Otherwise, we also translate "CiCHi" into lovely containers.
The products are not only beautiful externally; they also bring you good luck and happiness.
About th logo of CiCHi, we have a story can tell. Basic shape of CiCHi logo is like a Calabash. In Chinese, Calabash has same sound of lucky and long-lived. So, we put "calabash" into CiCHilogo identify to present the bliss meaning from our design.
Moreover, we use calligraphy to present the outlined of calabash. Try to put more Eastern culture elements in logo, making everyone can read it and understand it easily.

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