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喜磁 CiCHi Magnet
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  囍磁 CiCHi Magnet

The happiness of wedding can be spread out!

We used to get closer with wedding couple to immerse in their joy. In addition, this classical CiCHi Magnet can strengthen to attract serendipity nearby.

When double “Ci” come together, happy expression around naturally .

Put CiCHi Magnet in your daily life, and you can get the happiness and good luck arround!

Lucky symbol in normal living! It used stonger magnet in CiCHi Magnet.
  CiCHi Magnet designed as Chinese character "囍" means marriage. And, we put the stronger magnet inside, presenting a huge force to get happy fate.
How to share your wedding happiness with friends? CiCHi Magnet is a lovely and funny gift for your close friends.
  The package has another design concept from Chinese poet : Love fair always happens under the moonlight.
Try to imagine the ancient romance from CiCHi Magnet.
  Product description
  MATERIAL : ABS / magnet
  PACKAGE SIZE : 190mm *100mm *9mm
  RRP :US $ 10
由兩個喜字合而為一的《囍磁CiCHi Magnet》,將中國文字的獨特性完整展現,一組兩入的幸福「囍」採直立式吸附,將原本平面的字體活靈活現地立體化。單一使用吸附在冰箱或白板上,定睛一瞧,透過平滑鏡面的反射,隱約間浮現了另一個喜字,雙「囍」臨門的好運即將在你的身上發生囉!
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